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 Welcome to Chibana's Mansion Christmas Party

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Etsu Chibana
The lovely new Moderator and Fairy Tail mage!
 The lovely new Moderator and Fairy Tail mage!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Chibana's Mansion Christmas Party   Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:15 am

The snow was falling slowly, that day. Etsu woke up and went next to the window. She saw the beautiful view of Magnolia. Every single roof was covered with fresh snow that had fallen yesterday night. Today was a special day for Etsu and for all Fairy Tail members. In this day, Etsu had organized a Christmas Party at her mansion for the whole. This was her way to thank the Master and her comrades to let her stay in the guild every year. But of course, the members had always said to Etsu that once you are in the guild, you become part of a huge family, so you don't have to thank them and so on. Anyway, the princess had to woke up very early, because she had to decorate the ball room. Ouf! What a job! Put the tables on, put the tableclothes, prepare the food, etc. However, the easiest part was to decorate the room with some Christmas flowers. Even if Etsu's magic is earth element, she can also create magnificent floral arragments. flower Pff...that was nothing compared to the other work. So she decided to begin with the hardest and painful part to finished with the easiest and funny part.

- Let's get started, she said with a lack with enthusiam.

So the princess begun working. She was so concentrated, that she forgot to eat. When she arrived at the floral part, she thought that maybe she could actually breath normally again. Etsu went into the middle of the ball room, raised her arms with her palms open to the celling and said the magical words.

- Sacred Flower Technique

Finally, she had completed her task for today. On every table, she created a decoration with red and white mistletoes. On the center of the room, she created a circle with little tiny red, white and green flowers. This place will be reserved for the dance. On the upper floor, she put some mistletoe guirlands all over the ramp of the floor and the stairs. In general, that was it. Do not forget that in the middle of the celling, she put her special ''gift''. A huge mistletoe just to freak out everybody.

- Ha...now I have to get dress for this evening!

Etsu went to her room and got dressed. She put a simple green dress. The dress had a little rustle line below her chest and a red bow behind her neck that can keep the dress on her. This time, she attach her hair into a bun with a few protruding strands. Finaly, Etsu put some shoes on.

- Ding Dong!
- Oh, they're here!!

She ran to the door, took a deep breath and openned. She saw Azusa Kurosaki and Mitsuaki Matsuri. Without forgetting Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Makarov and all the rest of the guild. It was the first time Etsu saw all the members at once in front of her door.

- Welcome!! I'm glad that everybody came!!

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Azusa Kurosaki
The Neko Admin and awesome Fairy Tail mage!
 The Neko Admin and awesome Fairy Tail mage!

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Chibana's Mansion Christmas Party   Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:04 pm

A bright sky and white shining snow: That what Azusa saw when she took a glance outside. It’ll be a perfect day Azusa thought. Not only because of the weather but because today Etsu organized a big party celebrating the Christmas holidays! Excited and a bit nervous Azusa quickly got out of bed and started preparing herself. She had decided that for once she would have to make herself look worthy of a person going to a big reception. So for the first time in her life (Ok maybe not her ENTIRE LIFE but in a long time ) she let her hair loose. The young girl curled them up a bit at the bottom and put a blue flower on top to make herself look fancier. When the time came to put a dress Azusa coulden’t choose what to wear... Her clothes were all over her messy room which made it hard to find what she was looking for. After about 15 min, Azusa finally decided to put a traditional white shirt with a purple tie and a black skirt with long purple striped socks. In general she kinda looked like this (not the best picture I KNOW (: )

As Azusa was going to open the door, she suddenly remembered something VERY important!!! : MIDORI! Her green cat Midori HAD to come with her and be dressed for the party! Azusa slowly approached Midori... She was asleep the only way was to wake her up...

- Booooooooh! Midori wake up! Azusa shacked her up a bit...

Then: PAFFFFFF! The cat, angry to have been woken up jumped on to her face and made her fall back. Midori then started running everywhere in the room. Azusa behind her, tried to catch her. It took the poor girl 20 MINUTES! To finally be able to get her! Azusa put a red bow on her ear and made her wear a red dress. The result was quite funny because since Midori was green the red made her look very Christmas like. Exhausted Azusa finally got out of her apartment with her present and walked to Etsu’s mansion. As she walked in Azusa took a look around. It was very impressive with all the Christmas decorations!*_*

- Welcome!! I'm glad that everybody came!!
- Wow Etsu-chan! You’re seriously a Pro!

As the girls were talking, Midori saw Happy on the corner eating some fish. Midori suddenly started to blush and hid herself behind Azusa.

-Oh Midori! You aren’t going to hide all day long! Go take a step forward!
Azusa pushed the shy cat on the back. Midori took a few steps and hid herself under the table... Looked like she would spend the day stalking Happy.

So the party started...... with a dance! Azusa, Etsu, Mitsuaki went to the dancefloor and... guess what? They danced!! They changed partners with: Elfman, Freed, Bixslow, Loke, the master and so on. Of course Natsu and Gray were not dancing since they were way too occupied fighting eachother over a piece of burger.


We all crowd up around the whiteboard,
Making graffiti of our free wishes.
Even if the after-school bell echoes into the sunset,
You can't diss the power to dream.

Let's sing with a louder, louder, louder voice
Carry hope on your lips
Every time you release words, they'll turn into light
They're our fragments!

* No, thank you K-On
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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Chibana's Mansion Christmas Party   Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:19 am

Last year on chrismas eve it was snowing but when i went outside, i see but a flower under a cardbard the flower was down so i picked it up and brung it in side my house. thankfilly it was all right Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Chibana's Mansion Christmas Party   

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Welcome to Chibana's Mansion Christmas Party
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